How To Keep Your Car Paint Clean

How To Keep Your Car Paint Clean


Everyone wants to have a car that looks spotless. Having a spotless car requires more than just washing. We have to actually clean your car’s paint to make sure it stays nice and keeps its value. How often you clean it can be determined by many factors such as where you park, what the weather is like, and the color of the paint. You can clean it yourself or have someone else do it. Either way, you have to clean your car somehow if you want it to stay in tip-top condition. If you want to keep the paint on your car clean then follow these three steps to make sure your car is one that people admire and not one they laugh at.



We are well aware of car washes. The first step to cleaning your car’s paint is putting it through the wash or washing it by hand. Make sure to use the right cloths to dry it. Also, make sure it dries in the shade as not to dry up the polish.



The next step is to clean the paint using a glaze and/or polish. The glaze will remove most swirl marks and level the paint surface leaving it ready for a good polish. Polish is the least aggressive way to clean your paint and if your paint is in good condition it will be great at providing a smooth deep look for your paint. 



Now that you have washed and cleaned your car, next is to put some wax on your baby. There are two types of wax that you can use: Carnauba based waxes and synthetic waxes Made from the leaves of the Carnauba Palm tree grown in Northeastern Brazil, carnauba wax is usually light yellow and fairly hard. Synthetic waxes are typically a little easier to apply, but sometimes do not give the depth of shine that a carnauba wax can. No matter what wax you use REMEMBER to use 100% cotton applicator pads to apply and buff with 100% cotton microfiber towels. Make sure to work in small areas and make sure to apply a thin even coat. Too much wax just means you will be buffing off more once it dries. More is not necessarily better.


Wash, clean, and protect. Those are the steps to keep your car paint clean. It takes some work (and resources) but if you manage through it you’ll come out a victor because your car will look immaculately clean and everyone will notice!

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