10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Car in Top Condition (Part 1)

10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Car in Top Condition (Part 1)


For many people, getting a car is one of the greatest days of their lives. It brings freedom, adventure, and a new sense of responsibility and growth. As exciting as it is, it still requires a lot of focus and time to make sure your car stays in good condition. Almost every car loses it’s valued as it drives off the lot, so making sure you keep your car in good condition goes a long way to ensuring your car runs longer, faster, and better for years to come. 


1. Check The Manual

Your owner’s manual will tell you everything you need to know about your car. If you have any questions this will answer them in a more direct way than Google, because it’s designed specifically for YOUR CAR.
Your owners manual will help you understand your car in every way, shape, and form. If you want to keep your car in GREAT condition then make sure to check the owner manual on of your vehicle. 


2. Care For Your Tires 

The tires are the feet of the car. Imagine never washing, touching, massaging, resting, or fixing your feet. OW!! You must care for your car’s feet (aka tires) often and enough to keep the tread on them for longer periods of one. This will involve doing #3 on this list. 


3. Rotate Your Tires

Rotating your tires is the equivalent of changing your shoes. Check with your manual or mechanic to find the amount of miles you should rotate your tires at. 


4. Change Your Oil (& Fluids)

Depending if your car needs synthetic or not might change the frequency of oil changes. Don’t worry about that. Just change your oil when the light comes on.
Your windshield wiper fluid might need a “top off”, along with other fluids that need checking regularly. If you get your car serviced normally you’ll be able to get them filled at oil changes. 


5. Change Your Windshield Wipers

Imagine driving blind. It would be impossible! What a scary experience that would be! If you don’t have windshield wipers because you didn’t check, then you are almost choosing to drive with your eyes closed at 45+ mph. Think ahead. You don’t want to be caught without them. Trust me, it’s happened to me while driving across country in the mountains of North Carolina. That’s not a situation you want to be in. 


Keeping your car in good condition has everything to do with simply caring for your car. Apply these small but helpful maintenance habits to extend the life of your car and keep it purring louder. Look out for part 2 so you can know more effective ways to keep your car in top condition

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